My name is Marie-Marie Dutour and I am a product and research designer located in Paris. I completed a master’s degree from l’École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, majoring in object design. 


Environmental issues are at the heart of my research.

I was the winner of the 3rd prize in the "Aluminum for eco-design" competition in 2015.

Then in 2016, I wrote a thesis about the power of fiction in the environmental challenges of today.

Based on this writing, my graduation project is the result of a year long exploration with the help of physicians and users, on new ways of heating. I aimed to obtain a more accurate perception of heat with less energy consumption. 

This project, called “Expressions Thermiques” was since then showcased in several exhibitions and was finalist in the international contest of the Design Parade de Hyères 2019 and exhibited at the Villa Noailles.

Today, I wish to create bridges between the field of the designer and areas such as science, social sciences and ecology.


Design for

             a better future




Olfactive classification and graphic design for EBLA (PUIG) - 2019


Finalist of the Design Parade de Hyères 2019 at la Villa Noailles with the project «Expressions Thermiques» - June to September 2019


Design assistant to Patrick Nadeau - 2019


Training kit design for Paco Rabanne Parfums (PUIG) - 2018-2019


llustration of articles for the magazine «Aider» every three months - 2017-2018​


Creation and making of decorative plates and table centerpieces for a starred restaurant - Work in progress since 2017


Internship at the design agency of Noé Duchaufour Lawrence - June to September 2017


Writing of my thiesis entitled «Avant le Future» (Before The Future) - 2017


Winner of the third prize for the «Aluminum for eco-design» contest in pairs with Antoine Defour - 2015


Workshop in Libreville in Gabon in order to promote local wood species -

April 2015


Internship at the dutch design agency of David Derksen in Rotterdam - 2014


Customizations for Princess Tamtam with the Tam.TamToo project - December 2013


Graduated from the ENSAD in object design after a 5 year course 

6 months exchange at UNSW in Sydney, Australia


One year at the National Art School Villa Arson 

Foundation year at the Atelier de Sèvres 



Design Parade de Hyères 2019, at la Villa Noailles in Hyères - 2019

«+-+», organized by the study groupe TRÊVE et l’ESPCI - 2018


L’or Blanc, at the Château de Vincennes - 2018


ENSAD x BOLON, at the Artépy showroom in Paris - 2017


Dignes Design, et the Bastille Design Center over the D’Days - 2016


Objets de Conversation, at the Wap’J in Libreville - 2016


Le monde secret du plancton, at the Tara base with the support of Agnes B - 2013

© Marie-Marie Dutour