Balancing Act

"Balancing act" is a table lamp that offers different purposes. The aluminium reflective surface is sanded on half of the inside of the lamp so that the light is reflected differently according to the way to is tilted. In this way, the lamp offers either an intense and strong light when the light hits the mirrored surface or a softer and more diffuse lighting when it hits the sanded side. 
It's manufacturing is extremely simple since it is based on industrial standards and needs very few implementation. Furthermore, the lightness of the aluminum diffuser allows the user to play with it’s balance while manipulating it. 
"Balancing act" is a lamp that is very cost saving, extremely easy to make and entirely recyclable.

As such, it has won the 3rd prize of the Aluminium contest "Grand concours pour l ‘éco-design".


Équilibriste met en valeur les propriétés de la matière aluminium à savoir : sa légèreté, sa réflexion de la lumière ainsi que sa capacité à être recyclée sans pertes.


Ce projet a été présenté dans le cadre du concours "L’aluminium pour l’éco design" et  a remporté le 3ème Prix, pour "sa simplicité et son élégance."




© Marie-Marie Dutour